Michael Marino - Key West Cash Flow

Who is Mike Marino and why should airline pilots and other professionals listen to him about building wealth through real estate?

Mike’s career began as a U.S. Marine Corps civilian aircraft engineer before joining the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps as a Maritime Officer, where he met Tyler Sheff while stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. After several years with the Marine Corps, Mike trained to fly NOAA weather research aircraft and in 2017 left government service to fly the Airbus A320 for a passenger airline.

With his focus on engineering and competitive zeal, Mike brings a high degree of structure, organization and discipline to his real estate investing. Starting in 2015, converting a residential property into a short-term rental, he went on to focus on small apartment building opportunities in the mountain west.

During visits to Key West, Mike noticed the island’s goldmine of investing opportunities. With his engineering background, and ability to discover and solve for inefficiencies, his partnership with Tyler in Key West was a natural fit.

Realizing the concerning need of airline captains for passive income and wealth-building opportunities, Mike teamed up with Tyler to provide aircrew with passive streams of income to build wealth for retirement.

Airline pilots know Mike as the host of the Layover Money Podcast and the Mike Marino – Pilot Real Estate Investing YouTube Channel. You can find his investing knowledge and videos from a pilot’s perspective at LayoverMoney.com.

Michael Marino - Key West Cash Flow